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2014 Promised Land Ranch Open House

We’ll be holding our annual Open House Saturday, September 13th from 1:00 to 4:00 PM here at the ranch.
Come on up and take a look at over 100 Hancock/Blue Valentine bred horses plus 20 some sale horses ranging from weanlings and young stock to mares and stallions, all sale horses priced, first come first serve. For pictures, prices and pedigrees go to our sale page or follow us on Facebook at “Joel Kretz Promised Land Ranch.”
 Looks like good weather for the weekend, come on up and take a look.
Follow the signs from Hwy 20 at Wauconda  north 10 miles on Toroda Creek Road. Questions? Call 509-779-4105

We are located in the Okanogan Highlands area of northeastern Washington State where we raise cattle, timber and Hancock/Blue Valentine bred Quarter Horses. We are currently standing six Blue Valentine bred studs and run about 60 broodmares.

Rounding up cattle in the Okanogan Highlands can be a challenge. It's big, steep, high elevation country and we found out a long time ago that, while there's lots of good horses out there, there's not a lot that can bring the cows home at the end of the day. Especially if you have fast cows. We noticed certain bloodlines seemed to produce horses that could go all day, and usually had the cows at the end of the day. Many of those same horses had the ability to succeed in the arena. We have concentrated our breeding efforts on those bloodlines. We are looking for good size, feet and bone, calm temperament, trim necks and good heads, athletic horses that cinch deep with backs that will hold a saddle. In other words, using horses, the kind cowboys like to ride.

Okanogan Blue

Twice Roaned

We raise our horses out on the range, where they breed, foal and grow up. They know how to cross a creek, turn around in a tight spot, and come off the mountain.

We have decided not to hold a production sale this year, and will be marketing individual colts throughout the year. Stop by and take a look, the coffee’s always on.

Joel Kretz


Blue Valentine bred horses are a big part of our program. We stand three
Blue Valentine bred studs and most of our mares have significant Blue
Valentine influence. A grandson of Joe Hancock by the great Red Man, Blue
Valentine brings tremendous size and bone to our program. He had quite a
reputation as a rope horse, but what we value most is the tremendous
disposition. We have found that we don't need to "break" Blue Valentine
horses. With a little ground work, we just get on and start riding, with no
buck. They are gentle, no nonsense horses but still have the bottom to work
all day. The older I get, the more I like that combination. For a great
in-depth look at the background of the Blue Valentine horses, go to the
following link at Hancock Horses.


Joel, Sara & Jed Kretz
1014 Toroda Creek Road
Wauconda, Washington 98859


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