Hancock Bloodline Qtr Horses


We raise our horses out on the range, where they breed, foal and grow up. They know how to cross a creek, turn around in a tight spot, and come off the mountain.

Blue Valentine bred horses are a big part of our program. We stand three Blue Valentine bred studs and most of our mares have significant Blue Valentine influence. 

We will be marketing individual colts throughout the year. Stop by and take a look, the coffee’s always on.
Joel Kretz


Promised Land Sale Horses


2019 Sale Horses
Prices Subject To Change Without Notice

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PLR Sierra Hawk

Wyo Sierra Coup X Black Hawk




2018 Sale Horses

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PLR Roan Edie

Bay Roan Filly

Wyo Edie X Black Hawk




Mares for Sale

Been putting this day off, but it's time. We've decided to offer some of our favorite older mares. The winters here are rough and we just aren't set up well enough to easily provide that extra care to give them an easy winter. These mares are from the heart of our program and we have offspring from all of them that are a big part of our breeding program going forward. The pedigrees of these mares are rare and getting rarer, packed with legendary horses, with daughters of Guatemala Canal, War Conchos Drifter, Blue Man Gist and Blue Try, three are out of Mr Roan Hancock daughters. I strongly feel these are the kind of mares that can build a powerful foundation in a breeding program, and they aren't making any more of these. Taking on older mares is always rolling the dice, but they are in good health, several foaled this year and I see no reason they aren't able to deliver a few more foals with a little TLC. They sell exposed to Okanogan Blue. Pedigrees and prices posted under pictures. I'd be glad to give my opinions and input on any of these mares, feel free to call.

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Sammys Blue Try is a 2000 red dun roan mare by Blue Try with Barts Sunglow and Page Lee on the bottom side bringing in some outcross blood that works!. Foaled this spring.




Texas Longhorns for sale!

We have cows, pairs, calves, yearlings and two year olds.  They are colorful, big horned, easy keepers with gentle dispositions, and they are priced right. Call or email for info.


"These pictures were taken the day after she got here. She is a quiet filly, she is willing to learn. Chuck has her leading and yielding, looking forward to the Sale next year." Chuck and Marsha Wilson, Republic, Washington.

Joel,Sarah, and Jed

Thought you might like to see a picture of the first ride I put on Sienna. I've worked a few horses over the years and she might be the best yet. After three years of ground work and expsosing her to just about every thing I could think of, having a passenger on her back was no big deal. She is athletic, quiet, and easy to train. Thanks for all the work you put into your breeding program. Just might be the best kept secret around.


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Joel, Sara & Jed Kretz, Wauconda, WA
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