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Fintry Bardella Sue

Fintry Bardella Sue, 2000 roan. Classy young mare, look at her breeding.

Fintry Bardella Sue  AQHA 3975205  2000 blue roan

Fintry Drift Hancock
(1994 grey)
Sire  Lassos Windsor (grey) Sire Lasso Sire Grey Badger II
Dam Y-Lass
Dam Sabrina Hancock Sire Buck Hancock
Dam Ruby Hancock
Dam  Miss Roan Asset (rd rn) Sire Roan Prairie Sire Cibecue Roan
Dam Toms Rosewood
Dam Miss Ruthie Twist Sire Deer Light
Dam Ruthies Bar Z
Miss Della Hancock
(1988 bay roan)
Sire  Gray Bardell
(1975 grey)
Sire Moolah Bardell
(1965 roan/grey)
Sire Moolah Bux (roan TB)
Dam Chantella, AAA (ch)
Dam Sue Flay
(1968 bay)
Sire Roan Pleasure (rn)
Dam Sue Bubbles (bay)
Dam  Berrys Babe
(1979 blue roan)
Sire Gooseberry
(1973 bay roan)
Sire Blue Valentine (bl rn)
Dam Fox Hastings (ch)
Dam Blue Kewpie Doll
(1972 blue roan)
Sire Blue Valentine
Dam Missus Robin (ch)

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