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Hancock Sparrow

Hancock Sparrow   AQHA 4148965   2001 grulla roan

Wrangler Joe Hancock
AQHA 3313508 (brn rn)
sire: Big Stretch Hancock
AQHA 2968731 (bay rn)
sire: Gooseberry (red rn)
dam: Lady Lon Hancock (red rn)
dam: Azul Blue Hancock sire: Clark Hancock
dam: Bluebird Hancock

Lynx Copper Crescent
AQHA 3908067 (copper dun)

sire: Beetle Bay Leroy (bay)

sire: *My Leroy Brown
dam: Lynette Lynx

dam: Cals Tamarack (grulla)

sire: Scatter Rocky
dam: Kings Pride

*My Leroy Brown: Top Montana performance sire: SI 94, LTE- $55,960,
sire of multiple race, roping and barrel champions.
Sire of barrel futurity winners, NFR competitors, team roping horses and stakes winners.
Sire is SI 100, $79,089, 26 Halter pts, Dam is SI 95. Extraordinary temperament.

Sparrow is a grulla roan daighter of Wrangler Joe Hancock and is leased from
Donna Vickery of the Bucking V.

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