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We raise our horses out on the range, where they breed, foal and grow up. They know how to cross a creek, turn around in a tight spot, and come off the mountain.

Blue Valentine bred horses are a big part of our program. We stand three Blue Valentine bred studs and most of our mares have significant Blue Valentine influence. 

We will be marketing individual colts throughout the year. Stop by and take a look, the coffee’s always on.
Joel Kretz


Promised Land Ranch Mares

Mares for Sale

Been putting this day off, but it's time. We've decided to offer some of our favorite older mares. The winters here are rough and we just aren't set up well enough to easily provide that extra care to give them an easy winter. These mares are from the heart of our program and we have offspring from all of them that are a big part of our breeding program going forward. The pedigrees of these mares are rare and getting rarer, packed with legendary horses, with daughters of Guatemala Canal, War Conchos Drifter, Blue Man Gist and Blue Try, three are out of Mr Roan Hancock daughters. I strongly feel these are the kind of mares that can build a powerful foundation in a breeding program, and they aren't making any more of these. Taking on older mares is always rolling the dice, but they are in good health, several foaled this year and I see no reason they aren't able to deliver a few more foals with a little TLC. They sell exposed to Okanogan Blue. Consideration given to anyone keeping Bambi and Sealpup (The Browns) together, they are pretty inseparable. Pedigrees and prices posted under pictures. I'd be glad to give my opinions and input on any of these mares, feel free to call.

Check out our Sale page for more information on the mares for sale!


We run about 60 mares and fillies. The brood mares live out on the range. They foal out, breed back and raise their colts out on the range. We round them up in the fall for sale time, wean the colts and kick the mares back out to rustle, paw snow and come down for hay when it’s time. In other words, they live like horses.

The mares are of foundation breeding, take a good look at the horses in their backgrounds. We have tried to select mares from lines that go back to good using and performance lines for generations. Most of them spend time in the saddle string, in fact, all the saddle horses we are using now are mares born here on the ranch. The mares bloodlines run heavy to Joe Hancock, Blue Valentine and Driftwood, blended with proven Northwest lines like Page Lee and Ruffus Bars.

Ms Ruano Hancock with 2008 stud colt.

Sammys Blue Try

The broodmare band includes own daughters of studs like Rowdy Blue Man, Blues Kingfisher, Moms Dream, Leo Hancock Hayes, Blue Try, Twice Roaned, Page Dee Bar, Ruffus Bars, Crowheart Roan, Wrangler Joe Hancock, Fintry Drift Hancock, Lasso’s Windsor,Whiskey River Run, Mira Doc Hancock, Cool Blue Hayes, Roan Ambrose, Blue Man Gist, War Conchos Drifter, Plenty Dividend, Plenty Sage Hancock, Wyo O Blue, Plenty Blue Bonnet, Blue Apache Hancock, and Plenty Coup Hancock. We also have six Joe Hancock Drifter daughters that are proving to be valuable broodmares, plus several Fintry Drifty Roan daughters in the wings.
Perhaps even more important than the stallions mentioned above are the maternal lines, with mares like Hydel Girl, Blue Flashy Kitten, Doll 01, Berrys Babe, Blue Kewpie Doll, Fox Hastings, Blue Hawk 22, Heather Dividend, Heart Hancock, Fintry Roan Amber, Ms Missy Freckles, Heather Gooseberry, Drifting Jewel, Mia Hancock, Linda Mujer, Ms Fancy Page, Zella Hep, Tarvers Pepita, Plenty Blue, Miss Roan Asset, Bunnie Sunday Bar, Lotta Bonnet, Chuckkar Maid 45, Ambrose Sue 30, Wyo Blue Maid, Brown Beaulah, Ceolita Hancock, Bluebird Hancock, Miss Sierra Coup, Dee Reed Roan, Ms Missy Freckles, Leo Lady Hayes, Bonnie Hayes, Mia Hancock, Coups Chick, Mandys Sue Hawk, and Bonny 02 on the papers. We feel that, while stallion selection is critical, these broodmares are the heart of our program.

Fintrys Blue Beauty

Mares & Fillies
Adeline Valentine
red roan Blues Kingfisher Last Miss Warpaint
Little Scratch Page
  Page Dee Bar Sinners Page
Cool Blue Chucker
gray Cool Blue Haze Dart Bonnet
Blue Flash Beauty
blue roan Moms Dream Blue Flashy Kitten
Tuf Bambi Hancock
  War Concho Drifter Babys Star Hancock
Tuf Sealpup Hancock
brown Guatemala Canal Ms Staarbine Hancock
Dun Blue Hancock
red dun Blue Man Gist Wyo Blue Maid
Tuf Rain Hancock
dun War Conchos Drifter Tarver Lady Hancock
Sammys Blue Try
red dun roan Blue Try Sammy Sunglow
PLR Sunday Bar
black TNT Tonite XNR Sweet Treat
Freckles Crusader
sorrel Blue Crusader Ms Missy Freckles
PLR Fancy Jewel
sorrel Joe Hancock Drifter Ms Jodee Page
Dee Roaned
  Twice Roaned Dee Valentine Chant
PLR Blue Belle
blue roan Joe Hancock Drifter XNR Sweet Treat
Wyo Sierra Coup
red dun roan Wyo O Blue Miss Sierra Coup
Twice Blue Freckles
blue roan Twice Roaned Freckles Crusader
Tuf Roaned Twice 
bay roan Twice Roaned Tuf Bambi Hancock
Gooseberry Lady Roan
bay roan Twice Roaned Heather Gooseberry
PLR Wrangler Jo 
red roan Joe Hancock Drifter Miss Dee Bee Roan
Wyo Blue Suzy
blue roan Plenty Blue Bonnet Lotta Dun Suzy
Plenty Lady Hayes
bay roan Plenty Dividend Leo Lady Hayes
PLR Golden Sparrow
dun roan Joe Hancock Drifter Hancock Sparrow
Wyo Smarty
grulla roan Plenty Blue Bonnet Smart Try
Wyo Red Chick
red roan Blue Apache Hancock Blue Hawk Wyo
PLR Plenty Bonnet
bay Crowheart Roan Dun Blue Hancock
PLR Toroda Blue
blue roan Crowheart Flutewood Ms Ruano Hancock
Wyo Blue Foxy
blue roan Blue Apache Hancock Blues Socks
Wyo Dun Pepita
dun Chucker Blue Kid Tarvers Pepita
Wyo Edie
bay roan Blue Apache Hancock Edie Falco
Wyo Mira Venture
bay roan JCross Blue Moon Ms Frosty Lowry
Wyo Smarty Sara
grulla roan Chucker Blue Kid Smart Try
PLR Jecca Black
  Crowheart Flutewood Dee Valentine Chant
PLR War Beulah
  Joe Hancock Drifter Tuf Rain Hancock
PLR Sunnie Lee 2012 buckskin PLR Purple Hayes PLR Sunnie Bunnie
PLR Salty Maid 2013 bay roan Twice Roaned Dun Blue Hancock
PLR Roan Gitanna 2013 bay roan Twice Roaned Tuf Rain Hancock
PLR Roan Pepita 2014 blue roan Okanogan Blue Tuf Roaned Twice
PLR Blue Freckles 2014 blue roan Twice Roaned Freckles Crusader
PLR Plenty Foxy 2014 blue roan Twice Roaned Wyo Blue Foxy


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Joel, Sara & Jed Kretz, Wauconda, WA
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