Hancock Bloodline Qtr Horses


We raise our horses out on the range, where they breed, foal and grow up. They know how to cross a creek, turn around in a tight spot, and come off the mountain.

Blue Valentine bred horses are a big part of our program. We stand three Blue Valentine bred studs and most of our mares have significant Blue Valentine influence. 

We will be marketing individual colts throughout the year. Stop by and take a look, the coffee’s always on.
Joel Kretz


Promised Land Ranch Mares

Wyo Blue Suzy 2008


Plenty Blue Bonnet

Plenty Coup Hancock

Mr Roan Hancock

Salty Roan

Gila Jo Hancock

Bonnie Hayes


Bonny 02

Lotta Siera

Sierra Rip

Rip Rip

Sierra Sue

Lotta Bonnet 40

Rip Rip

Lotta Bonnet

Lotta Dun Suzy

Rowdy Black Ambrose

Leo Hancock Hayes

Blue Valentine

Doll 01

Missy Sue Bonnet

Rowdy Blue Man

Ambrose Sue

Red Dust Suzy

Eagles Red Dust

Rey Eagle Moore

Engles Sally

Reds Suzy

Vandys Hancock

Lotta Bonnet




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Joel, Sara & Jed Kretz, Wauconda, WA
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