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PLR Drifting Page

PLR Drifting Page, 2002 bay roan. Another Joe mare, Hancock/Page Lee cross, good looking young mare.

PLR Drifting Page  AQHA 4303941  2002 bay roan

Sire Joe Hancock Drifter Sire  My Hy Tio Sire  Royal Haythorn
Dam  My Q Nero
Dam Drifting Jewel Sire  War Drift
Dam Sasabe Jewel
Dam Classy Sports Page Sire Sports Page Scandal Sire  Scandal Page
Dam Cuties Page
Dam Classy Scandal Sire  Scandal Page
Dam  Velvet Page

(bred by Promised Land Ranch)

PLR Drifting Page

PLR Drifting Page

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