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PLR Sunnie Bunnie

PLR Sunnie Bunnie, 1996 palomino. Bred a lot like Bodieo, her mother produced a lot of great colts over the years, and several studs. Sunnie Bunnie is producing just like her mother, with that great palomino color.

PLR Sunnie Bunnie  AQHA 3545557  1996 palomino

Sire Page Dee Bar Sire  Page Lee Sire  J B King
Dam  Linda Mujer
Dam Ima Dee Bar Too Sire  Docs Dee Bar
Dam Jokers Jubilee
Dam Bunnie Sunday Bar Sire Blob Killian Sire  Dick Killian
Dam Little Blobete
Dam Juniper Pit Sire  Open Pit
Dam  Yak Yak Bars

(bred by Promised Land Ranch)

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