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PLR True Blue 2008

By XNR Blue Heart out of our good Leo Hancock Hayes daughter
Ms Ruano Hancock with Blue Calf and Yellow Calf on the bottom side.

XNR Blue Heart

Blue Valentine Heir

Rowdy Blue Man

Blue Valentine

Hydel Girl 44

Hydel Hancock

Hancocks Blue Boy

Miss Hydy Girl

Mia Hancock

Hancocks Blue Boy

Mr Roan Hancock

Bluebird Hancock

Azul Blue Hancock

Clarke Hancock

Bluebird Hancock

Ms Ruano Hancock

Leo Hancock Hayes

Blue Valentine

Red Man

Beautys Dream

Doll 01

Rip Rip

Zaid A Reed

Go St Memorial Day

Go St Louis

St Bar

Patti Go

Blues Memorial Day

Blue Calf

Pink Olympia

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