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Red Bluffs Missy

Red Bluffs Missy  AQHA 1993 bay roan

From the Wagon Wheel Ranch breeding program of Fred Gist, Missy is a bay
roan daughter of Rowdy Blue Man and is 31.25% Blue Valentine.
Rowdy Blue Man Blue Valentine Red Man Joe Hancock
Burnett Roan Mare
Beautys Dream Valentine
Holcaks Beauty
Hydel Girl 44 Mandys Dart Dart Bar
Mandy II
Hydel Girl Blue Valentine
Hydee Ree
Missy Bluff Robs Eddie Stampedes Bluff Poco Stampede
Ada Adair
Hollywood Spooks Swensons Hollywood
Dexters Shadow
Missy Lady Bars Midland Bars Steel Bars
Mollys Peppy
Miss Bailey 60 Joe Baileys King
Amelia H

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