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Promised Land Stallions

Name  YOB Color Size Sire  Dam
Twice Roaned 1996 Bay Roan 16.1 Mr Roan Hancock Dee Reed Roan
Blue Jet Smooth 2002 Bay Roan 16.2 Valentine Red Rogers Jet Smooth Blue
Crowheart Flutewood 2005 Blue Roan 15.1 Like A Son Of Blue Black Flutewood
PLR Purple Hayes  2007 Blue Roan 15.1 JCross Blue Moon Ms Ruano Hancock
Wyo Black Hawk 2009 Black n/a Wyo Blue Bonnet Enough Black
Okanogan Blue 2007 Blue Roan 16 Blue Apache Hancock Crowheart Mira

Reference Stallions:

Joe Hancock Drifter
We made the tough decision to sell Joe Hancock Drifter this spring. We are using the new studs pretty heavy and didn’t have many mares for him the next few years and he is just too nice a horse to be lightly used. We have about a dozen of his daughters and they are really producing and his influence will be felt here for years to come. His new owners are Brad and Tashia Schmidt of Bar XS Ranch in Coronation Alberta online at . Brad has a really nice string of Easter Gentleman and Driftwood bred mares so look for some nice colts coming out of there. Best of luck with this fine horse, and I hope he does as well for you as he has for us…  

Fintry Drifty Roan
We sold Drifty to Danny Perryman of Viola, Arkansas.

Page Lee

Ruffus Bars

XNR Blue Heart

Page Dee Bar

Pauls Encum

Joel, Sara & Jed Kretz
1014 Toroda Creek Road
Wauconda, Washington 98859

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